WonderCon 2012: Robin Atkin Downes Talks "Mumm-Ra"

WonderCon 2012: Robin Atkin Downes is Mumm-Ra, the Ever-Living

In addition to playing Manchester Black in Superman Vs. The Elite, Robin Atkin Downes also voices the villainous Mumm-Ra for Cartoon Network's ThunderCats. Downes chatted with us at WonderCon 2012 about the Lion-O foe -- and working with casting director Andrea Romano:

"Mumm-Ra's been great...it's an amazing character to bring back to life. And working with Andrea Romano again, she's just amazing. She's directed me in a lot of things -- Batman: Brave and the Bold, Justice League. And just playing the character every day is a blast!"

You can also check out this cool ThunderCats Season One recap:


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