WonderCon 2012: Joe Hill Talks The End Of "Locke And Key" (video)

WonderCon 2012: Joe Hill talks the end of 'Locke and Key'

"Locke & Key" scribe Joe Hill discussed his acclaimed IDW series with us at WonderCon 2012 -- and teased how the series might wrap up. Spoilers!

"So Gabriel Rodriguez and I have been working on the comic for about five years now, and we set up a lot of mysteries. In the current storyline, which is called "Clockworks," we've set out to answer all these mysteries."

Hill also expressed his dislike for hopelessly "open-ended" mysteries in other stories that keep going and going but never seem to get satisfactorily resolved:

"Gabe and I both have disdain for the type of storyline you saw at the end of X-Files where they had five years of mysteries and then set up so much you couldn't answer all the questions."

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