Go Geek Business-Casual With These Marvel Polo Tees

By Danica Davidson

What you wear can be a key to your personality, and WeLoveFine knows a thing or two about making clothes perfect for your inner geek. From Star Wars to My Little Pony, they sell all sorts of pop culture references, and their design competitions let fans show their skills. But We Love Fine’s latest news is all about their new Marvel-inspired polos.

The first six of this series are now available, but more will be on their way.

“There are times when your favorite nerdy tee just doesn't seem appropriate,” WeLoveFine said in an official press release. “Which is where WeLoveFine's subtle yet awesome polos come in; they are the perfect wardrobe addition for those occasions when you need to be slightly buttoned-up but can still let your geek flag fly! Our first six Marvel designs range from the iconic stars and stripes of Captain America's shield to the stark, crimson update of new webslinger Miles Morales' Ultimate Spider-Man logo.”

These polo shirts aren’t extravagant or over-the-top in their details. They’re pretty demure, with just that little nod toward Marvel, like having a black shirt with The Avengers logo on it. These shirts go for $28, so check them out and see what best fits your personality!

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