Watch The Full-Length 'Game of Thrones' Special 'You Win Or You Die' Early!

Earlier this week we put together a Game of Thrones Video Roundup featuring a trailer for HBO's Game of Thrones sneak peek You Win or You Die. The trailer said the half-hour special would air on HBO this Sunday, but it appears we can watch it a little earlier as its already showing up on

I've already watched the special and to be completely honest I was a little disappointed. Don't get me wrong, I'm still just as excited about season 2 as I was yesterday, but HBO kind of made it seem like there was going to be some crazy new footage that previous trailers hadn't included. While it was nice to hear from all of the most prominent actors and get their personal take on the characters they play, I really wasn't expecting a simple recap of season 1.

Aside from all my whining, the special is still definitely worth a watch – I don't feel like I wasted my time at all – but if you really want to get to the season 2 stuff you'd be better off just scrubbing forward to the 16-minute mark. The video is 22-minutes long overall, so if you do fast-track you'll still have a solid few minutes of season 2 scenes to drool over.

You can watch the Game of Thrones full-length special below, check it out at

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