WonderCon 2012: DC's Lee and DiDio Talk "Before Watchmen" (video)

WonderCon 2012: Dan DiDio and Jim Lee On 'Before Watchmen'

With DC Comics announcing today a full-out "Before Watchmen" promotional push for April's Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2), we thought we'd bring out video we shot at last week's WonderCon 2012 on the subject. DC Co-Publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee gave us their thoughts regarding the controversial prequels to the original "Watchmen."

DiDio noted that DC expected a lot of questions from the fans regarding the project, but that they "always felt very strongly about the idea, and more importantly we have incredible faith in the talent involved with this project."

The latest cover for "Previews", featuring "Before Watchmen"

And Lee described the collaborative private website the talent used for "Before Watchmen":

"We have an off-site website where people who are working on 'Before Watchmen' all collaborate, put up their scripts, pencils and inks -- so they can all see each other's work while they're doing it. And so there's a great amount of communication between all the creators, unlike anything we've previously done."

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