The 10 Biggest Fights In 'Avengers VS X-Men'

Sure, there’s going to be some plot in Marvel’s upcoming Avengers VS X-Men (and if you’re wondering what it’ll be, check out our AVX101 round-up)... But what we’re really looking forward to is the wall to wall fights. Whether it’s the six issue AVX: Versus, or the non-stop promos promising epic battles, AvX looks to have more fighting than every episode of Jerry Springer - combined. Here’s the ten fights we’re looking forward to the most:

10. Spider-Man vs. Ice Man

a.k.a., “Amazing Friends... No More!”

A pretty even fight between two jokesters who are trying to go straight and reach their potential (Spidey is working as a scientist, Iceman as an accountant and teacher), we except the quips, thwips, and ice-slips flying fast and furiously.

Our Pick: Spider-Man. Omega mutant or no, he’s still the guy on all the covers.

9. Archangel vs. Daredevil

a.k.a., “Heaven n' Hell”

What can we say, we like a good theme fight, and sending the Angel vs. the Devil looks like a load of fun. We have questions, though, like what is Archangel doing there, considering he doesn’t technically exist anymore?

Our Pick: Archangel, as he can just tear DD to ribbons.

8. Luke Cage vs. Namor

a.k.a., “Rumble In The Coral”

This would seem to be totally out-matched, considering it’s taking place in the frickin’ water, and that’s Namor’s home, right? But Luke Cage doesn’t know when - or how - to quit.

Our Pick: Namor. Sorry, Mr. Jessica Jones.

7. Spider-Man vs. Colossus

a.k.a., “Nothing Can Stop... Colossus?”

We’re also suckers for a nice callback, and as the X-Men’s Colossus currently has the powers of the Juggernaut, this is a nice replay of the classic Spidey vs. Juggy fight of yesteryear. We’re hoping for a visual call-out, too, with Spidey webbing up all over Colossus’ head.

Our Pick: Colossus. Spider-Man didn’t cleanly win the previous fight, either, and with the power of TWO mutants, it’s no contest.

6. Hulk vs. Emma Frost

a.k.a., “Diamonds Are For Smashing”

How is this ever going to play out in Emma Frost’s favor? She’s made of diamonds. The Hulk is gigantic, green, and stronger than anything. We could have also gone for a Beauty and the Beast motif, but really, considering this fight was set up, we have to imagine Marvel has plans for how to make it last longer than half a second.

Our Pick: Hulk, though we wouldn’t be surprised if Emma used her psychic powers to force a draw.

5. Thing vs. Colossus

a.k.a., “Fear Itself II: Electric Clobberoo”

The Thing was turned into an evil engine of destruction during the Fear Itself event, against his will. Colossus took the power of the Juggernaut during Fear Itself, to prevent Cain Marko (the previous Juggernaut) from his reign of destruction. There’s history here, and we expect it’ll play out during the fight.

Our Pick: Colossus. Sorry, Thing, but Yancy Street’s favorite son can’t stop the Juggolossus.

4. Storm vs. Thor

a.k.a., “Bring The Thunder”

Having the X-Men’s resident weather witch fight the God of Thunder? Brilliant. This is basically a pissing match to see who has the biggest lightning bolt.

Our Pick: Thor, though this could be close, as in some stories, Storm is a goddess herself.

3. Ms. Marvel vs. Rogue

a.k.a., “The Grudge Match”

Now we’re talking... Way back in the day, Rogue introduced herself to the Marvel U by stealing the powers and memories of one Carol Danvers, aka Ms. Marvel. Danvers came back, and Rogue turned to the side of good, but there is no love lost between these two. This is gonna get personal.

Our Pick: Rogue, because when it comes down to it, she could just steal Carol’s powers all over again.

2. Iron Man vs. Magneto

a.k.a., “Test Your Metal”

The last time someone handed the Master of Magnetism an opportunity like this one, he ripped Wolverine’s adamantium skeleton out of his body. Iron Man’s armor is now part of his cells, and Magneto is technically reformed... But how far is Mags willing to go to support his boss Cyclops? Pretty darn far, we bet.

Our Pick: Magneto, but we’re guessing by default: we don’t think old Tony Stark is dumb enough to stick this one out.

1. Captain America vs. Wolverine vs. Cyclops

a.k.a., “The Main Event!”

Captain America is the leader of The Avengers. Cyclops is the leader of The X-Men. Caught in the middle? Wolverine. He’s on the Avengers, he’s a member of the X-Men, and if that didn’t make things complicated enough... The last big X-Men event ended with Cyke and Wolvie trying to blast/cut each other’s faces off. Making things even more complicated? Wolverine left because he wanted to protect the next generation of mutants, and Cyclops’ whole argument that kicks this event off is about protecting young mutant Hope. Point being? We don’t expect any of them to get out unscathed.

Our Pick: Cyclops. Marvel has stated there’s a definitive winner to AvX, and Cyclops’ side winning - and protecting the Phoenix - is far more interesting than Cap destroying it, or Wolverine trying to toe the line. Also, of all of them, Scott Summers has the most to lose. This is his chance to prove he has the chops to lead a species, or die trying.

Avengers vs. X-Men #0 hits stands next Wednesday, March 28th from Marvel Comics!

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