Wondercon 2012: Joshua Jackson On Why Peter May Never Be Happy (video)

FRINGE stars John Noble and Joshua Jackson are practically family at the DC Entertainment booth for the WonderCon signing. (©2012 Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved.)

When asked about a possible happy ending to the "Fringe" saga, Joshua Jackson told us at WonderCon 2012 that it might not seem likely...

"I don't even know if the end of the Fringe story is a happy ending, I'm not sure if it's that show. So no, I don't anticipate happiness in Peter's future!"

WonderCon 2012: Joshua Jackson Says Peter Will Never Be Happy

Jackson also told us about his recent experience scripting the "Beyond The Fringe" comic book:

"It was awesome, I've never done anything even close to that. Writing in the format is strange but good...To have the ability to write something down and have somebody send me back a picture...and to do it at the super high level with fantastic people!"

WonderCon 2012: Joshua Jackson Talks the 'Fringe' Comic

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