'Game of Thrones' Wants You To 'Pledge Your Allegiance' (video)

Well folks, even though we just tossed together a Game of Thrones Video Roundup with 9 new trailers for season 2 the other day, HBO is just too fast to keep up with. To make sure everyone is up to speed with the five major houses of the upcoming second season, HBO has released five new Pledge Your Allegiancevideos asking fans to show support for the House of their choice on Facebook.

Houses Baratheon, Stark, Targaryen, Greyjoy and Lannister all get a video of their own and while they do sport a fair share of scenes from the first season, there's plenty of second season footage to drool over as well. Give them a gander below.

Pretty cool set of videos there, but I bet you're wondering what you get for pledging you allegiance to a particular house. Unfortunately there are no prizes for that, instead you will just be asked if you want to post that House's video to your Facebook wall. However, there is a sweepstakes that you can enter for a chance to win some awesome autographed Game of Thronesmerch and a set of the original A Song of Ice and Fire novels signed by George R.R. Martin himself.

Game of Thrones season 2 premieres April 1st on HBO at 9pm

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