Cryptozoic Announces Capcom Fighting Card Game

These days, it's easier to ask what gaming licenses Cryptozoic doesn't have under its belt. The publisher has just announced plans to create a deckbuilding card game around Capcom's stable of fighting games: Street Fighter, Rival Schools, Darkstalkers, and Final Fight.

In their press release, Cryptozoic described their upcoming Capcom deckbuilder as "easy to learn and quick to play." This is in line with their recent approach, which uses high-visibility licenses such as Capcom's to offer a taste of the hobby gaming scene to a new audience of gamers. A good example of this is Penny Arcade: Gamers vs. Evil [full review] which used the popular webcomic to provide a perfect introduction to deckbuilding card games.

Other early Cryptozoic efforts have included The Walking DeadLocke & Key, and The Big Bang Theory. The deckbuilding mechanic seems to be a favorite of Cryptozoic's though, as they also have plans to release card games of this flavor based on both The Hobbit and DC Comics.

The Capcom-Cryptozoic announcement also answers a burning question of the hobby scene: who would Capcom choose to produce board and card games of their properties? Designer David Sirlin was famously denied the license for his Yomi and Puzzle Strike games after having worked with Capcom to bring Street Fighter and Puzzle Fighter to the XBox 360. Sirlin went on to create his own cast of characters set in the Fantasy Strike universe.