Ematic eSport Clip Is A Super Cheap MP3 Player Camera Combo

Nowadays just about everyone has some sort of MP3 player or personal media player. Apple's iPod Touch and iPhone are typically the first devices that come to mind, but we all now how pricey designer gadgets such as those can be. Ematic has decided to take an affordable approach with their all-new eSport Clip and it's looking very interesting.

Obviously, it doesn't have access to all the fun apps and games you can snag with an iDevice, but it also doesn't put a $200 hole in your wallet. In fact, with a price tag of just $22 over at Walmart.com it won't be putting a hole in your wallet at all. So, what do you get for $22 that you won't get from an iPod Touch? Well, nothing, except of course some extra cash.

So why are we even talking about this thing? Because it sports 4 GBs of flash memory, a crisp color display, USB 2.0, and FM tuner and a 5 megapixel camera capable of video and audio recording, and it's only $22! It's a great deal and, like the name implies, would be perfect for anyone looking to have music and video on the go thanks to the clip-on form factor. It's even capable of reading eBook files and text documents, and if 4 GBs isn't enough there's a microSD slot just waiting for more storage. It's got something for everyone including your choice of 5 different colors.

Even if it's not something you yourself would like to add to your gadget pile, you know there's a student or other active person in your life that would love this little guy as a gift. For all the info on eSport Clip PMP head over to Ematic.com

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