Yakuza, Tanuki, and a Giant Hammer: New Manga for the Week of March 21

It's a light week for print releases, but that makes it a good week to check out the latest digital offerings. Also, more Natsume Ono is always a good thing!

The sole Viz release this week is one of their more interesting titles, vol. 6 of House of Five Leaves, Natsume Ono's tale of a diffident ronin who falls in with a gang of kidnappers. From the description, it sounds like the story is starting to set up the final confrontation, as the series has just two more volumes to go.

Kodansha keeps it on the light side this week with vol. 3 of Shugo Chara Chan, a Shugo Chara spinoff with super-cute 4-koma art; vol. 4 of Animal Land, the strange story of a baby raised by tanuki, by Zatch Bell! creator Makoto Raiku; and vol. 5 of Deltora Quest, a fantasy series.

And that's it for new print releases, but since it's such a light week, let's take a look at what's new in the digital realm. JManga has added a lot of new titles to their site in the past few weeks, and the top seller at the moment is The Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer (Hoshi no Samidare), which is certainly a strong contender for weirdest manga name ever. It sort of makes sense, though: The Biscuit Hammer is an enormous hammer floating in space, which Animus the Mage could use to destroy the earth—unless a couple of plucky college students stop him! Asamiya Yuuhi is one of those students, an ordinary guy who one day learns he is a Lizard Knight and has to save the princess—and the world; Samidare is the cute girl next door who is up to something.

Digital has also announced some new additions to their eManga site: vols. 5 and 6 of Erementar Gerade and a special full-color edition of vol. 1 of Itazura Na Kiss. Erementar Gerade (formerly licensed by Tokyopop as Elemental Gelade) is a fantasy tale about a sky pirate and a living weapon, while Itazura Na Kiss is a romantic comedy about a clumsy, not-too-bright girl who falls in love with a handsome overachiever.

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