Rocketeer Adventures, Infinite Vacation, and Batman: New Comics For March 21st

Good gravy, you all, there’s a new Rocketeer Adventures coming out - what else do you want from your comic books?

Seriously, the first series from IDW was a retro all-star delight, so we can’t wait for ROCKETEER ADVENTURES 2 #1 to hit stand this week - or the just-announced-at-WonderCon Rocketeer mini-series from Mark Waid and Chris Samnee, which is already on its way to being one of our favorite series of the year... And we haven’t seen a single page from it yet. Until then, we’ve got this anthology, which pays homage to Dave Stevens’ character in a way that makes old fans’ hearts go pitter-pat, and will win plenty of new ones.

That’s not all that’s coming out from the little publisher that could, though: MEMORIAL #4 continues writer Chris Roberson’s charming and exciting exploration of the consequences of asking, “What if?”; while a new series called SMOKE AND MIRRORS #1 thrusts a stage magician into a world where magic exists. Hey, we’re suckers for that sort of stuff, and IDW is clearly carving out a niche here.

Over at DC, it’s a particularly huge week led by BATMAN #7, which writer Scott Snyder has promised is THE BEST BATMAN STORY OF ALL TIME. That’s not true, but he did get some statements misinterpreted on Twitter, so we’re having a bit of fun. Regardless, Batman is clearly as good as it has ever been, so don’t miss this issue that does actually promise big, shocking truths and revelations. Alfred is a man, baby! (That last joke copyright 1997)

Runners up include JUSTICE LEAGUE #7, which shows what the new team can do once they’re all properly assembled, so paint us curious; BIRDS OF PREY #7, which is for our money the stealth title of the New 52, it’s just darn great superhero comics; and WONDER WOMAN #7, which continues Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang’s strange, dream-like interpretation of ol’ Diana.

Over at Marvel we’re in the storm before the storm, as next week officially kicks off AVENGERS VS. X-MEN mania with the #0 issue. This week, though, we’re dying to read AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #682, which begins writer Dan Slott’s giant “Ends of the Earth” story, pitting Spidey versus the Sinister Six for the first time in a long time - and it promises to be epic.

There’s also DEADPOOL #52, where our funny hero is hilariously trying to commit suicide (though seriously, writer Daniel Way has put together an intricate puzzle of a story I can’t wait to see solved); GENERATION HOPE #17, which wraps up the series with a huge fight involving tentacles and stuff; and WOLVERINE #303 continues the insane “Wolvie versus way too many ninjas” story that’s playing out like Jason Aaron’s version of Bendis and Maleev dropping the mic on the way out of Daredevil. If this doesn’t end with Logan wrecked beyond repair, we’ll be surprised.

Image Comics also has a pretty exciting week, led by INFINITE VACATION #4, writer Nick Spencer’s journey through the multiverse that’s been very, very delayed at this point. But we’ve actually read the issue, and it’s as good as ever. This is very much the set-up for the grand finale, but we’re excited to have it back.

Meanwhile, Blair Butler’s surprising and emotional HEART #4 wraps up its run with a punch in the gut; and REED GUNTHER #9 continues to be the best all-ages comic featuring a cowboy and a bear on the stands. As opposed to the adult comic COWBOY BEAR F***ERS, of course.

Lastly, over at Dark Horse, we have one of my favorite comics of the year (so far) with THE GOON #38, an emotional, beautiful issue about how grandparents turn us into the monsters - or heroes - we are today. Plus, there are two excellent trade collections from the publisher: AXE COP, VOL 03; and BPRD PLAGUE OF FROGS, VOL 03, both of which should be checked out if you’ve never read ‘em before.

And that’s it! We’ll see you back next week for all AvX, all the time!

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