'Supernatural' 7.15 and 7.16 Recaps: 'Repo Man' and 'Out With the Old'

Sam and Lucifer, mystery team, a cursed porno mag, and the Supernatural writers try to beat the "Dick" jokes to death in the two most recent episodes.

I'm pretty sure I was going to complain in my review of "Repo Man" that the Supernatural writers were going back to the Lucifer-torments-Sam well too soon, but after its execution here and how the fallout is handled in the following episode, I almost wish they strung it out a bit more. In "Repo Man," the boys return to the site of an old case where a man was possessed by a demon and subsequently went on a killing spree. The boys were able to exorcise the demon, but the bodies start stacking up again and Sam and Dean believe that their infernal killer is back. If you've watched the preview from the previous week, you can see where this one is going and besides, the how and why of the situation is actually pretty obvious from the start.

The real effective element here is Sam being plagued by Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino), and inadvertently lets the Lord of Hell in by accepting Lucifer's help in searching for clues about the identity of the killer. Really, it's clear that most of what Sam is seeing is stuff that he would notice anyway if he weren't so distracted with the devil on the brain, but by giving Lucifer access, Sam can't block him out anymore, leading to our next episode.

"Out With the Old" starts with the boys checking out a outbreak of cursed objects in a small town and ends up with an accidental collision with Leviathan, which remains way too mysterious and whose goals are too protracted for my liking. What I do think was handled well here was Sam's Lucifer problem, which hasn't reverted to form with the character hiding it from Dean and suffering/going crazy in silence—that's right, the Winchester brothers are talking things out! It's weird and such a small thing makes all the difference in a season that got too close to relying on Sam and Dean keeping things from one another.

As for the threat this week, Leviathan's forces on the ground are snapping up real estate for reasons that remain unclear at this point, but it looks like the villains of this season might be of the "we're going to fix the world" variety. Not to go too far into the geek weeds here, but I'm wondering if the end of this season will parallel the fourth season of Angel's finale, with the well-meaning heroes unexpectedly upending world peace. Just spitballing, here. I have no idea.

Anyway, despite Leviathan still being a little too nebulous for my liking, this season is really starting to look up as it enters its final third.

Supernatural airs Fridays at 9 PM on the CW.

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