10 Irish Comic Book Characters To Celebrate St. Patrick's Day With

Well, aren’t you lucky: we here at MTV Geek did a bit o’ research, and put together a list of ten Irish comic book characters you can spend your St. Patrick’s Day with. That is, when you’re not busy whacking snakes:

10. Shamrock

Sure, she might be a holdover from our “10 Sort Of Racist Comic Book Characters” list, but Molly Fitzgerald is still the epitome of the Irish comic book character. She comes form Ireland, dresses in a four leaf clover costume, and has good luck powers. Also, her Dad is a cop, and she vomits green beer. Kidding about those last two things.

9. Judge Joyce

A minor character in the long running Judge Dredd comic, Judge-Sergeant Joyce is identifiably Irish, because he’s featured on the cover of 2000AD standing in front of Ireland, holding a pint of Guinness. We may have to take back that “epitome of an Irish comic book character” statement we made about Shamrock.

8. Cassidy

A former member of the IRA, and full-time vampire, Cassidy was a long running supporting character in Garth Ennis’ Preacher. He frequented McSorley’s - a real bar in NYC - mainly to stay in touch with other Irish ex-pats. And he’d be a great guy to grab a drink with this weekend, if it wasn’t for the whole “sucking your blood” thing.

7. The Gay Ghost

Cursed to walk the Earth as a spirit until he can once again be reunited with his one true love, the Earl of Strethmere has the ability to possess men, and is an adept swordsman. Between him and DC Comics villain The Gentleman Ghost, one begins to wonder what DC’s deal is with poltergeists.

6. Jack O Lantern

A poor Irish farmer, Daniel Cormack was given a magical lantern by a fairy, and used his powers to fight first with the Justice League, and then with the Global Guardians. Eventually, he died of complications due to the shame of having a ridiculous origin story.

5. Silver Banshee

One of the longest running villains in the DC Universe, Siobhan McDougal was cursed to walk the Earth as the Silver Banshee. She is able to fight Superman to a stand-still, and if she knows your true name, can kill you with a single scream. Yipes.

4. Daredevil

Though being Irish may not be the most prominent part of Matt Murdock’s character (that would be the “blinded, but with heightened senses” thing), it is part of who he is, and his background. And more importantly, his Irish Catholic upbringing has played frequently into his decisions, both moral, and brooding on the roof of churches.

3. Eric O’Grady

The Irredeemable Ant-Man may not be anyone’s favorite to have around in real life, but the former agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., and current Secret Avenger is a ton of fun to read about. He’s an only somewhat repentant jerk who stole the armor of a former Ant-Man. But hey, we’d grab a drink with him any time.

2. Banshee

The formerly alive X-Man known as Banshee may have one of the worst written accents in all of comics, but we love us some Sean Cassidy anyway. Able to propel himself through the air with a sonic scream, Banshee may have nothing to do with the Irish myth, but he’s still from the Emerald Isles through and through. Plus, his daughter Siryn has the same powers, and atrocious accent he does, so that’s like two characters from the price of one.

1. Hitman

Tommy Monaghan is another Garth Ennis creation, and a staunchly Irish American anti-hero. Capable of reading minds, and using his X-Ray vision to carry out hits, Monaghan is one of the most beloved - and missed - cult figures in comics. Sometimes, in the bottom of our beer, we think we can still see him... A St. Paddy’s Day miracle!

Other Irish Comic Characters: Black Tom Cassidy, Slaine, Finn Cooley, The Leprechaun, Hellstrike, Torque, Black Canary, Feron, Maureen Raven

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