'Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game' Gets a Major Upgrade

The new Timber Peak expansion sits atop previous Last Night on Earth games on the GAMA Trade Show floor. (Photo: Jack Scott Hill)

Where can you find zombies, space aliens, and a murder mystery in the middle of a desert? Only at the Game Manufacturers Association (GAMA) Trade Show, held out in Las Vegas, NV each year. Flying Frog Productions is well known for thematic games using all of the elements listed above, but they've also got a bit of a reputation for making news at GAMA. This year was no different, as the majority of Flying Frog games had new content revealed.

Of the games in Flying Frog's stable, Last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game is the most well-known, and rightfully so, it received the largest upgrade out of the new products announced this week. Last Night on Earth: Timber Peak commemorates the 5-year anniversary of the original Last Night on Earth with an expansion so large that it makes for an entire stand-alone game.

Timber Peak introduces players to 6 new heroes who flee Woodinvale to seek refuge in the logging and mining town of Timber Peak. The only problem is that Timber Peak is overrun as well. As a nod to fans of the base game, half of these heroes are "survivor" versions of those seen in the original Last Night on Earth.

Beyond all the new models, maps, and scenarios, Timber Peak also adds some new gameplay elements to the Last Night on Earth system. The new expansion includes rules for fire breaking out and spreading across the map, and also incorporates an experience tracker for both heroes and zombies, providing them both the opportunity to earn upgrades.

Last Night on Earth: Timber Peak is set for a Summer 2012 release and will retail for $49.95.

Two new products are also coming to the A Touch of Evil game line. (Photo: Jack Scott Hill)

Beyond Last Night on Earth, Flying Frog Productions announced full details for A Touch of Evil: The Coast. The expansion for A Touch of Evil will include four new heroes, a game map of the fog-shrouded coastline, new Town Elders, and several new mysteries for players to solve. Players looking for even more additional content can also look forward to the A Touch of Evil Hero Pack #2. All of the above new expansions are expected to release this year.

The new Conquest of Planet Earth expansion sitting with some of Flying Frog's 2011 releases.

(Photo: Jack Scott Hill)

Lastly, a new expansion for Conquest of Planet Earth was revealed. Details are still slim on this one, but Conquest of Planet Earth: Apocalypse looks to add additional alien races that players can choose, as well as providing enough new boards and flying saucers to expand this game to a 6-player experience.

Conquest of Planet Earth released just last year and was a new venture for Flying Frog Productions, as it is their first game to move away from the publisher's signature photographic art style. The fact that this game has grown enough of a player base to warrant expansion is an encouraging sign for the young company, so expect to see big announcements such as these at GAMA Trade Shows for years to come.