Saga, Avengers Assemble, and Womanthology: New Comics For March 14th

Good gravy, you guys, this is a big week for comics. So let’s not waste any time on this intro:

The biggest release of the week - and one of the biggest releases of the year - is easily Image Comics’ SAGA #1 by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples. We loved the book (you can read the full, spoiler free review here), and expect that, like his previous books Y The Last Man and Runaways, this will be a crossover hit that will bring new readers to comics for a long time. We really can’t over-hype it enough, because it’s even better than that hype. So there.

Hot on its heels, though, is AVENGERS ASSEMBLE #1 from the team of Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Bagley. The duo helped launch Ultimate Spider-Man over a decade ago, and now they’re reteaming to bring the “movie Avengers” to comics. We’re certainly curious to see how comic book fans embrace the book, but that’s mostly not the point: this is an in continuity gateway comic that will hopefully draw in fans eager for the movie, and keep them in comics. Basically, between this and SAGA, this should be a big day at the comic book shoppe.

...But we’re not done yet. One of the most successful comic book projects on Kickstarter, the IDW published anthology WOMANTHOLOGY: HEROIC hits comic stands this week, bringing together female creators for a massive collection highlighting a diverse series of stories. It’s not as much of an impulse buy as the above two books at $50, but we’re excited and curious to see what crowd-funding and an awesome line-up have wrought.

And there’s more! Dark Horse is releasing BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER SEASON 9: FREEFALL #7, picking up on the controversial abortion decision from last issue that ignored the fact that the comic is also really good again. And IDW has a new issue of our favorite comic book series, LOCKE & KEY CLOCKWORKS #5. Creator Joe Hill has promised it’s a doozy, but we’re not sure how many more doozys our hearts can take. Oh, and ADVENTURE TIME #2 also hits from BOOM!, and the first issue was kind of the best... So we can’t wait for issue two.

Let’s keep going! DC Comics has a nice big week, with always superb THE SHADE #6, as well as the reliably good BATGIRL #7 and BATWOMAN #7. Vertigo also has an exciting week, with the debut of Paul Cornell’s SAUCER COUNTRY #1, and the continuation of the current game-changing arc on UNWRITTEN #35.

Meanwhile, Marvel counters with the finale to the “Kitty Pryde is pregnant with thousands of Brood” storyline in WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN #7; JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY #635 continues Kieron Gillen’s take on Kid Loki (which is a delight); and we’re hearing great advance buzz on FANTASTIC FOUR #604, so be sure to add that to your insanely large stack of comics.

We’ll wrap this up with a few Image books, led by QUEEN CRAB, another Kickstarter book, but this time from creator Jimmy Palmiotti. If you’ve always been attracted to crustaceans, this is the book for you. There’s also GLORY #24, which is making us care about a character we knew nothing about before; PETER PANZERFAUST #2, continuing the WWII riff on Peter Pan; and THIEF OF THIEVES #2, which still doesn’t have an thief theiving, but is still also a fun romp.

Whew! That’s all the money we have in the world, but we’ll see you back here next week for more comics!