PUNKS Creators Joshua Hale Fialkov and Kody Chamberlain On Their New MTV Comic

Today on MTV Geek, we’re launching a brand new comic from creators Joshua Hale Fialkov and Kody Chamberlain called Punks. And if you know what’s good for you? You won’t read it. Ever. Featuring the adventures of an over-sexed skeleton, a man with a dog face, a man with a fist for a head, and Abraham Lincoln, Punks is the sort of comic your mother warned you about right before it tied her to a chair and beat her up.

So when we got the chance to interview the creators, we decided to take them to task, teach them a lesson they’d never forget, and rip ‘em a new one. And right after that, we e-mailed them some interview questions about their comic book for them to answer:

MTV Geek: Here’s what I don’t get, guys… The market is already glutted with overblown superhero epics, mega-events, and over-priced, underpaged comics that provide no extra value. Why do you feel it’s necessary to throw something like Punks on top of that pile?

Joshua Hale Fialkov: Well, what better compliments our ever changing superhero landscape than a bunch of freaks punching each other in the nuts?  No, seriously, what does? Cause we should probably be doing that.   Especially if it pays more money.

Kody Chamberlain: It's important to point out that Abraham Lincoln was actually a fan of superhero comics, specifically the mega-event comic book epics. He specifically mentions Marvel's Civil War several times in the The Gettysburg Address. Seriously, look it up.

Geek: I was watching an interview on this very site that said you wouldn’t want to do more Punks unless you really had the time… But isn’t doing it here on MTV Geek just a blatant cash-grab?

JHF: Well, after you guys backed up your pile of moneys, all sense of artistic integrity went out the window.  Besides, I'm too busy with the hookers and blow to actually write anything anyways. So, it's really all on Kody.

KC: The MTV cash truck has been fantastic but I'm getting sick and tired of being paid with five dollar bills and rolls of pennies. #LincolnJoke

Geek: At this point you both are heavily involved in a lot of other projects. Why return to Punks now, when you’re both so very, very old? Is this like when senior citizens dress up in spanx to look “young and cool”?

JHF: Punks is genuinely where both Kody and my hearts are.  We actually sold them on the black market to pay for the first two issues.  They're coming to take them soon.  Of course, they have no idea I smoked for fifteen years, so, the jokes on them!

KC: I have yet to work on any other comic as creatively bloated as Punks. If not for the spanx, I'm not sure this concept could be contained within the limited confines of the digital comic book medium. And by medium, I mean EXTRA medium.

Geek: Okay, let’s take a step back and talk about the characters. Sure, we’re all familiar with the archetypes of skeleton guy, dog faced guy, man with fist for head, and Abraham Lincoln, but what do you bring to the table that’s actually NEW?

JHF: It's a sort of love story.  The sort of love story that doesn't have any actual love in it, but instead, is filled with hate. Hate and resentment. We're like Chekov that way.

KC: Sure, we started with the four basic comic book archetypes everyone knows and loves like a skeleton guy, dog faced guy, man with fist for head, and Abraham Lincoln, but we feel like we've taken those classic archetypes and made them our own through hard work, perseverance, and hate. This special breed of HATE is the scotch tape that unifies the tiny scraps of photocopied paper to form each and every image in a Punks comic.

Geek: Then there’s the art style of Punks… It seems like a ransom note, and that makes me uncomfortable. What’s the big idea? How do you put this together, and does it make you feel bad while you’re making it?

JHF: I'll let Kody handle this, but, y'know, the truth of the matter is Malaysian Children have very skilled hands.

KC: In addition to the hate, I also use actual scotch tape.

Geek: In every issue of Punks so far, you’ve interviewed a comic book writer like Brian Reed, or Rick Remender. Is this a way of making people think you’re famous by association?

JHF: Actually, we knew Rick Remender before he was famous.  He was still completely awesome, but it was making indie comics like a chump.  Rather than working for the man, which, obviously, we all aspire to.  And Brian Reed has gone on to fame and fortune with the video games that he either makes or plays.  I'm not sure, but I think that he's similar to Fred Savage's brother in The Wizard.  I do know that he frequently sends me pictures of something he calls "The Power Glove."

KC: All sock puppets and goldfish appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real sock puppets or goldfish, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Geek: Then there’s also extensive back-matter to the books, with interviews and articles. Is Punks a magazine, or a comic? And does this sort of indecision permeate the rest of your lives, or just the works you’re forcing on an unsuspecting public?

JHF: We just wanted to make a comic that was for people who could understand complex ideas.  What better compliment to offensive racial stereotypes and political ideas than articles about unrelated things.

KC: Around my house, we call it a stream of unconsciousness.

Geek: Last question… For the casual reader who has already read a  comic book once, and didn’t like it, why read Punks?

JHF: I'd recommend not reading Punks at all. Instead, self-emolation.  Or exfoliation.  The one that involves fire and skin.

KC: Don't just read the comic, LIVE the comic. Consider it your guidebook for troubled times and a great source for locating skin grafts for botched self-immolation and exfoliation procedures.

PUNKS launches on MTV Geek today...read it right here!

Get a special behind the scenes look at Kody Chamberlain's process of creating the PUNKS background for the MTV Geek site!

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