Who Is The New 'Captain Marvel'?

Looks like there’s going to be a new Captain Marvel coming from Marvel Comics... But is it a new guy, or one we already know? Regardless, we won’t have to wait for long, as Marvel has teased they’ll be announcing...something about CM Saturday, March 17th at Marvel's Talk To The Hat panel, 4:00PM PST, during Wondercon 2012:

So like we said above, the big question is, who this series will focus on. There have actually been seven - that’s right, seven - different Captain Marvel’s in the main Marvel continuity, not even bringing in the versions from the Ultimate Universe, and the evil version from the alternate “Cancerverse.” We’re guessing it’s not the last two, but here’s a quick rundown of the previous dudes and dudettes to wear the star:

Mar-Vell: The original, a Kree (alien) officer with superpowers, Mar-Vell went through a few different iterations, including one where he exchanged places with young Rick Jones like a certain other character who has the name at a certain other company. Still, Mar-Vell is probably best known for the heartbreaking death he suffered in the “Death of Captain Marvel” graphic novel.

Monica Rambeau: Able to transform herself into different forms of light, the second Captain Marvel was a linchpin of The Avengers for many years. She gave up the mantle, though, and now operates under the code-name “Monica Rambeau.” Tricksy.

Genis-Vell: The cloned son of Mar-Vell, he tried to be a hero, but instead went a little nutbags and tried to kill everyone. He was eventually chopped into little pieces, and had his body scattered into a billion different dimensions, which is closest that any character in comics can come to “totally dead.”

Phyla-Vell: The daughter of Mar-Vell, Phyla was created when Genis remade the universe with a few small changes. She’s able to consume and expel energy, and later took on the name of Quasar when that guy died.

Khn’nr: The last time Marvel teased CM’s return, it was during the lead-up to the Secret Invasion event, and sure enough, he turned out to be a Skrull imposter brainwashed to believe he was Captain Marvel. He died heroically, trying to live up to his namesake.

Noh-Varr: Another Kree warrior, he briefly adopted the guise of Captain Marvel mainly to be a jerk about it. He’s since reformed, though is still a bit of a jerk.

So will it be one of these characters taking back the mantle? Or will we see a related character like Rick Jones, Ms. Marvel, or I don’t know, Forbush Man step into Captain Marvel’s Nega-bands? And can you step into things that technically go around your wrists? We’ll know more this weekend...