Will “Spider-Men” Feature A Peter Parker and Miles Morales Team-Up?

With Marvel’s latest teaser for their “Spider-Men” comic, it seems more likely than ever that the Peter Parker Spider-Man will encounter — and possibly even team up with — the Ultimate universe’s Miles Morales.

In a previous post, we noted that a spider logo used for the initial teaser resembled that of the Morales Spider-Man. Now we have the talent revealed for the project: Brian Michael Bendis and Sara Pichelli, the team on “Ultimate Comics Spider-Man.”

I’m a big fan of the Miles Morales comic, and think it’s one of the most charming and consistently well-drawn in the Marvel line. Any team-up — or even maybe some integration of the character in the Marvel U proper — would be quite welcome to me.

I guess we all find out in June, when “Spider-Men” #1 hits stands!

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