The Manta Raider: The Coolest MOTUC Vehicle You'll Never Own!

Toy designer and sculptor Joe Amaro is well known in the action figure industry. He's been involved in the toy industry for the last decade and is known for his work with Toyfare Magazine, Robot Chicken, Four Horsemen Design Studios, and Jazwares. Joe still finds spare time to make custom figures and accessories for the lines he's truly passionate about, like Mattel's Masters of the Universe Classics, and it just so happens that his friend, and one of the most talented and well-known packaging painters for the Masters of the Universe line (vintage Castle Grayskull, MOTUC Wind Raider, etc.), Mr. Rudy Obrero collaborated on a custom vehicle: The Manta Raider! While this awesome "jet skate" doesn't have much hope of seeing the light of day, it's a sight to behold. Just check out Rudy's original painted concept below!

We took a few minutes to talk to Joe Amaro about the Manta Raider and his plans for future customs:

MTV Geek: How long did it take to complete the Manta Raider, from the time you and Rudy decided to collaborate until the finish piece of awesomeness?

Joe Amaro: We started in August of 2011 worked on it off and on. Mainly when we had enough was more me slacking it than Rudy.

Geek: Was there any part of the process that gave you more trouble than you expected?

Amaro: The front part of the vehicle and the "eyes" were not as easy to translate into 3D, we spent a lot of time going back and fourth on that one. Rudy had it all planed the vehicle works that is, below is his explanation:

" I would consider creating a "Intake hole" in the mouth section. Currently that area feels a little blunt compared to the rest of the craft. I revised a couple of sketches to show what I mean. We can justify a scoop intake by declaring it to be the way fuel (water) is gathered and then internally the molecules are separated into Hydrogen and Oxygen gases which power this very cool air jetskate!"

...This is what made this project the most fun, nerding out with Rudy!

Geek: While you sculpted digitally and printed the proto, what tools did you use for the paint work on the Manta Raider?

Amaro: I used a couple of different techniques. I used Tamiya spray paints for the body, they had some really nice Metallic colors. The rest of the detail I hand painted.

Geek: With the Manta Raider, the castle Grayskull, and the "Protector" armor you've done have been recent triumphs, what's next on your plate when it comes to customs?

Amaro: Well my ultimate nerd plan is to recreate the vintage toy commercial using my Castle and the new MOTUC figures! So I have to finish my Castle Grayskull, inside and out. I already built the other side section and attached hinges to both sides so it opens up. I also finished sculpting the inside of front part (behind the skull face area) and now I am working on the inside of the other side. I plan on having a working elevator and all the accessories as well...hence Protector!

You can find out more about Rudy Obrero Illustrations, Inc. at or his Facebook page here. As for Joe Amaro, he regularly updates at and here.

Want more photos? Here ya go!

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