'Behind Bob's Burgers' Serves Up Tantalizing Sneak Peek At The New Season

“Bob’s Burgers,” the underrated cartoon we here at MTV Geek voted #1 animated TV series of 2011, has a brand-new season starting March 11th on Fox...and we couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than totally spoiling for ourselves what’s coming up on the show!

The kind writers at Bob’s Burgers have started a Tumblr, "Behind Bob's Burgers," showcasing some pretty awesome fan art for the show...as well as cover images for 9 out of the first 10 episodes of the new season. These images give us a pretty intriguing notion of what we should expect from the Belcher family, including parodies of “Easy Rider” and “Dog Day Afternoon” and an episode focusing on the enigmatic “Beefsquatch.”

Check out a few of the images, drawn by the cartoon’s own Tony Gennaro, below...and don't forget to tune-in to the season premiere March 11!

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