DC Comics Launches New Website

Last night DC Comics unveiled a brand new website, one with a greatly enhanced social media component...as well as exclusive "Before Watchmen" art!

The new DCComics.com allows readers to comment, through their Facebook account, directly on individual comic book issues. Enjoyed the latest issue of "Action Comics"? Have a quibble with "The Flash" series? You have the option of showing your support by Facebook "liking" the issue in question...and/or leaving your commentary. This replaces the old DC message boards, as well as the comments section in their blogs. Will a lack of a truly "anonymous" commenting option rein in the "intensity" of opinions of the more cantankerous fans? Judging by some of the more heated debates I've witnessed on FB proper, it's anyone's guess.

DC also has made it easy to search for content regarding your favorite superheroes...just click on a picture of Superman, Batman, or Wonder Woman and be taken to a multimedia page that can include not only info on their comic book appearances but related movie, TV, and collectibles. For example, the Watchmen page contains not only the aforementioned "Before Watchmen" art, but info on the comics, movies, links to video clips...and several options to buy related products on the spot.

Of course, the interesting thing here is that if their inclusion in the new website is any indication, "Watchmen" will be definitely front-and-center of DC Comics for quite some time, after many years of "sort-of" but "not-quite" taking the spotlight.

In general, I think this is a vastly-improved website with a sharp, clean design. I love the look of "widescreen" blog marquees, and giving every section (and issue) the ability to be commented-on and "shared" is a real step in the right direction. If I have any quibbles, it's that there are so many content options available as you first approach the homepage that it's a little overwhelming. And I'd love to see things eventually expanded on the bio pages to include "Who's Who" type entries on all DC characters popular and obscure (I'm a major "character handbook" nerd).

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