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As our Marvel Legends reviews roll on, Marvel Comics' favorite patriot Steve Rogers gets the spotlight! Hasbro's first wave of re-launched Marvel Legends has the Marvel Holy Trinity of Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America-- in a sense. When Steve Rogers worked his way back through time, or being dead, or whatever, he let Bucky keep the mantle of Captain America and forged on as a super soldier while using his own name and running the world's security forces. This new figure was one of our most anticipated from the new line-up but we only found the variant version on the pegs. In fact, it seems that the variant cases have been far more plentiful at retail thus far. Did this black-suited version live up to our red, white, and blue hopes and dreams? Read on to find out!

Like the rest of the figures in the new ML line, Steve has an individualized blister card featuring artwork by comic-mainstay Ed McGuinness that is shown fully on the back of the package with Rogers stalking the deck of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Heli-Carrier. The phrase "Salute the Super Soldier... the unstoppable Steve Rogers!" acts as the bio and pretty much sums up Roger's steadfast ass-kicking abilities in one fell swoop.

The sculpt for this figure brings Rogers to three dimensions in badass style. While Hasbro has been utilizing a lot of digital sculpting recently, we can't too many faults in what they've been producing. the headsculpt is very much Steve Rogers and his determined expression helps push this character as the stern leader he is. The head looking too large has been a complaint by some, we think it's more of a case of Steve just not having an overly-bulked up body. Speaking of his body, while there might be some re-use in chest and arms, thanks to all of the additional pieces, we can't tell. Every detail has been covered, from his shoulder straps that inexplicably attach to nothing, to his buckle-happy gaiters. His belt is a separate piece that is permanently attached around his waist, but is not stationary. This means it tends to ride up his chest when his legs are moved due to them hitting the straps that hang down from the main belt. One other minor fault comes from the forearms. The swivel joint doesn't completely match up to the rest of the arm due to it being a larger diameter. This causes a definite "cut" in the forearms instead of the the smooth transition Hasbro was going for. More on this in the paint section.

The paint on this figure differs from the regular version by giving Steve a black base for his jumpsuit instead or the usual blue shade. Also, this is actually the second variant Steve Rogers figure that we bought. The first one was purchased out of the desperation of wanting to complete Wave 1, and the chest symbol on that figure looked as if water had been dripped onto the white symbol before the paint was dry. In other words: it was crappy. Thankfully, we found this guy on the shelves and returned the other one. While we've not seen enough of this figure in person to know if that chest symbol is a widespread problem, it's definitely something you might want to look out for when picking this guy up. The figure we reviewed has an extremely clean tampographed symbol with only slight fuzzing on the right shoulder and a tiny dot of white beneath the star. The pin striping on his legs is also very vibrant and helps to break up the plain, dark body suit. The head on this figure couldn't have been painted better, and overall we're extremely happy with his entire look. As mentioned in the sculpt section, his forearms don't quite match up size-wise and the top has been left unpainted, leaving skin tone peeking through in the already visible line. That was a horrible explanation but you'll know what we're talking about if you get the figure While Hasbro's version of Marvel Legends doesn't have overly-textured paint apps, the paint used is very effective in portraying the figure.

When it comes to articulation, Rogers has plenty and most of it works really well. He features a swivel/hinge neck, swivel/hinge shoulders, swivel biceps, dual-hinged elbows, swivel forearms, hinged torso, swivel waist, swivel/hinge hips, swivel thighs, dual-hinged knees, and swivel/hinge ankles. First off, all of Steve's joints are tight and hold their position well; however, there are a couple of things that keep this figure from having the best of articulation models. Steve is one of the few figures where we wouldn't have preferred dual-hinged elbows. When his arm is positioned in an aiming position, the extra hinge causes the arm to hang weird unless re-posed. Other than his elbows, and having semi-troublesome hips, the figure is very well articulated and can be posed battling the forces of H.Y.D.R.A. until you wear yourself out!

In the accessories department, Steve Rogers comes equipped with two silver .45s and a clear energy version of Captain America's shield. Both pistols utilize the same sculpt which has a light/laser mounted beneath the barrel. Both guns fit into his hands perfectly allow for some very cool gun-toting escapades. The shield is the same as the one found with the regular release except instead of being painted in metallic hues, this one is cast in translucent plastic. The sculpting on the shield is great and has detailing on the inside to help show the construction and bracing. The attachment for Steve's wrist is hinged so you can clip it onto his arm of push a peg into his back to simulate him having it strapped to his back. This feature makes more sense with the regular version since it's based on a vibranium-infused shield, but this energy one looks pretty cool on his back as well. Steve Rogers also comes packaged with Terrax's (Wave 1's Build-a-Figure) crotch. Make of it what you will. We'll go into more detail on that piece in Terrax' upcoming review.

Overall, Steve Rogers is one of our favorites from Wave 1 of Marvel Legends and will sit idly on our shelf as we hunt down his protege, Bucky as Captain America, from the new Wave 2! For more on this line, and everything else Hasbro has hitting stores, be sure to check out their official website and online store!

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