Marvel's "Infinite Comics": What Is It?

Marvel Entertainment has announced an intriguing new service/product/idea to be debuted at their "House Of Ideas" event at SXSW, Infinite Comics:

Marvel Infinite Comics Debuts At SXSW Interactive’s ScreenBurn Arcade

Join The Revolution.

It’s coming to the historic Marvel: House of Ideas, panel Sunday, March 11 at 1pm on the Arcade Stage presented by IGN at the Palmer Events Center in Austin, TX—plus this show is free & open to the public!

Stay tuned to and for more details on the Marvel: House of Ideas panel and Marvel’s plans for SXSW.

The natural question here is: what the heck is Infinite Comics?

Is it:

1. A new digital comics initiative? Perhaps a "Netflix Streaming" of comics, where you can have online access to the entire Marvel catalog?

2. A new digital comics/social media/multiplatform initiative? For example: there are "infinite" ways to enjpy Marvel's comics (on your phone, e-reader, tablet, etc.)...and talk about it with your friends online?

3. Something to do with a new logo for Marvel? You have to admit, it would be pretty snazzy (and give the new "DC Peel" a run for its money):

Well, I have no idea what the big announcement will be, but one thing is for certain: between this and his reveal last week for the new "Ultimate Spider-Man" TV series, this is the most press Nova has gotten in quite some time!

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