Monopoly: Street Fighter Collector's Edition Incoming!

USAopoly has released versions of Monopoly pulling themes from Star Trek, Futurama, Star Wars, Metallica, The Three Stooges, Pirates of the Caribbean, Family Guy, Elvis and even Nintendo. The list just keeps on growing and now another franchise is getting the Monopoly treatment – Capcom's Street Fighter!

For now, the only thing Capcom and USAopoly are showing us is a prototype mock-up of the game's box, which does a great job of getting the point across. Just other like other versions Monopoly, players will buy, sell, and trade their opponents into bankruptcy. The only difference here is that rather than putting hotels on Boardwalk we'll be buying and selling locations related to Street Fighter characters such as Ryu on the Rooftops of Japan, Makoto in the Karate Dojo and Major Bison in the Shadaloo Headquarters.

No word on availability quite yet, but fans of Monopoly and Street Fighter alike can head over to Capcom Unity to vote for which characters they want to appear in Monopoly: Street Fighter Collector's Edition. Each of us only gets to vote for a single character and the six characters (out of 12) who get the most votes will be turned into game pieces for the final release.

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