2012 Image Expo News Round-Up

How did Image's first solo convention go? And what's the publisher got in store for the next year? How does a new series from Grant Morrison strike you?

The publisher teased a new series from Morrison exuberantly titled Happy!, featuring art by The Boys Darick Robertson. No details or even genre are available, but this would be Morrison's first creator-owned project since Joe the Barbarian at Vertigo, if I recall correctly. The series got its first official image with the promo at the top of this article. I'm guessing it has something to do with hyperdimensional birds. [iFanboy]

You can find teaser images and info on some of the new titles after the jump.

Steve Niles and Tony Harris have their 30's-set gangster/horror story Chin Music on the way.

...while Steve Niles and Scott Morse have the similarly themed Crime and Terror making its debut soon.

Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie's Phonogram is getting a third volume titled Immaterial Girl, with artist Matthew Wilson assisting in art duties. This six-issue mini makes its debut in November.

Nick Spencer and Riley Rossmo have their horror comic Bedlam rounding out the new horror debuts coming sometime this year as well.

Howard Chaykin's Black Kiss gets a second volume as well.

Planetoid collects Ken Garing's digital comic into a five-issue mini, recounting the (mis)adventures of a marooned astronaut.

Finally, artists Ming Doyle and and Jordie Bellaire team up with Brian Wood for Mara, which features a celebrity athlete displaying previously unrevealed superpowers during a major sporting event. Just in time for the Olympics, right?

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