Review: The Bottom Line on WWE Defining Moments Stone Cold Action Figure

In the action figure world, it seems like what's old is new again. However, ass-whippin' never gets old!-- just the ones who do it. Today we're taking a look at Mattel's Defining Moments Stone Cold Steve Austin from their WWE line of figures! The Defining Moments toys are the cream of the crop when to WWE figures, which each based on a specific moment in WWE history and use the "Elite" body style. This Stone Cold figure, fittingly comes from a night when he used a fire hose attached to a beer truck to get a point across. Sound ridiculous? Then you've never watched pro-wrestling!

Read on for more "Attitude-Era" goodness, beginning with the "Defining Moment" bio from the back of the package!

March 22, 1999

Stone Cold Give RAW Audience a "Big Show"

It was a night to remember on RAW when Stone Cold Steve Austin defeated Big Show in what developed into a riotous 3-way brawl with Mankind & The Rock.

The tension was already building that evening when Stone Cold sprayed Mr. McMahon and The Rock with beer, signaling his dissatisfaction with The Rock being selected to referee the main event. However, Mankind was chosen in his place after The Rock was disqualified from their match.

Honestly, that description goes on for a couple of paragraphs. We recommend just buying the toy and reading it yourself--- like a reward!

Like the other figures in Mattel's WWE lines, Stone Cold features a laser-scanned head sculpt, coupled with a body created from mostly previously-existing parts. His jeans appear to be new (the lower legs at least) and they have very realistic wrinkles and stitching sculpted on. The upper body is the same as used on the previous WWE Legends Stone Cold figure. Austin's head features his most prominent "glaring" look-- the cold stare of the Texas Rattlesnake! Man, this guys got a ton of nicknames!

There is surprisingly very little paintwork used on this figure thanks to Mattel's freakishly accurate skin-colored plastic. The paint used for his face and belt has been cleanly applied, without any slop. "Where are his eyebrows", you ask? Years of bloodshed in the ring eventually caused scar tissue to cover his entire brow-line.-- Nah, he just shaves 'em. The blue chosen for the color of his jeans is a good one, but we would have liked to have seen some drybrushing used to bring out the detail and give them a rougher denim look. That's a nitpick though and we're pretty sure we'd be catching a chair-to-the-face right about now if Austin was reading this over our shoulder.

Austin's articulation makes him (and the other WWE Elite figures) a cut above the rest. In fact, his articulation puts him a cut above Mattel's other figure lines as well. We'd love to have those hinged wrists on all our MOTUC and DCUC figures! Besides those Stunner-giving swivel-hinge wrists, The Rattlesnake features a ball-joint head, swivel-hinge shoulders, swivel biceps, hinged elbows, hinged torso, swivel waist, ball-joint hips, swivel thighs, dual-hinge knees, and ball-joint rocker ankles! All of the joints hold their positions well and move smooth as an ice cold beer being poured down your gullet after kicking your boss in the stomach! Hell, this figure's range of movement is far more than Austin's injuries allowed him to do towards the end of his time in the ring!

When it comes to accessories, Stone Cold is dressed up for a night of beer drinkin' and ass whoopin'! The Bionic Redneck is sporting a camouflage hat and cloth jacket, a cloth "Austin 3:16" t-shirt, and a gold chain. Why a gold chain? Cause Stone Cold said so, that's why! For a figure this size, all of the cloth accessories fit really well and still allow a pretty decent range of movement in the arms. He has the same hat mold as our John Cena figure, so we refuse to let him wear it out of principle. Also, like other figures in the Defining Moments line, Stone Cold comes with a figure stand and a cardboard name plate.

All in all, this Defining Moments Stone Cold Steve Austin figure does nothing to diminish the title of B.A.M.F. that Austin earned during his time as the most popular Superstar to (arguably) ever enter the squared circle of the WWE! These Defining Moments figures cost a little more, but in this case it's well worth it. For more on this line and the current online-only WWE Legends, be sure to check out the Matty Collector website!

Stay tuned to MTV Geek! for all your Mattel WWE action figure coverage-- and that's the bottom line, cause Stone Cold said so!

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