Superman Caped Socks Will Not Help You Fly!

ThinkGeek always seems to have some of the coolest superhero gear around. Whether it's awesome Marvel hoodies or stylish Art Nouveau character tees, we usually never have a hard time finding new threads over there. Now, they've even got some novelty socks for us comic book nerds.

Yes, the Superman socks you see above really do have capes on the back – yes, they're freakin' awesome, but they sadly won't give wearers the ability to fly. Whats with that? Anyway, the one-size-fits-all footwear use the Man of Steel's classic red and blue colors, along with the unmistakable chest shield, to create awesome socks that will fit feet ranging from women's size 6 ½ to men's size 12. The back features an adjustable snap closure so the cape fits just right and they're machine washable.

At $10 a pair you really can't go wrong with something this cool and it would seem a lot of people agree, as ThinkGeek's supply has sadly run out. But don't fret, being the nice guy I am I did a quick search and found out that you can get these awesome socks just about anywhere. Target,, Spencer's and even Sears have them in stock and though the prices vary a bit between retailers, they do remain pretty reasonable all around, so go check them out.

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