'Community' Is Back On TV on March 15th!

Six seasons and a movie is looking like a much better possibility, as NBC has finally set an official date for the return of Community: the much beloved sitcom will return to the TVs on March 15th, at 8pm!

The news came out first from creator Dan Harmon’s Twitter feed, where he said:

@DanHarmon: What you call 8:00, we call home. Community returns to Thursday nights on March 15th.

...Which is basically the equivalent of throwing a firecracker into the Internet. Twitter, Facebook, and other social media exploded with the news; though by far our favorite comment came from LOST creator Damon Lindelof:

@DamonLindelof: COMMUNITY is back at 8 on the 15th. I have a good feeling about those numbers.

Speaking of which, LOST went six seasons... Where’s the movie, Lindelof? WHERE’S THE MOVIE?

The news of Community’s return doesn’t come without a few caveats, though, as NBC will be switching around it’s schedule for the next few months. To make room, 30 Rock will be moving to 8:30pm, and Parks and Recreation will be bumped from the schedule for five weeks, before returning post-The Office for the rest of its scheduled run.

The bigger caveat, of course, is that NBC is broadcasting the end of this season of Community, but until network upfronts (most likely in May), we won’t know whether they’ll be picking the show up for a fourth season. At the very least, we can spend these next few precious weeks treasuring our time with the students and teacher of Greendale Community College, and be thankful the show - like it’s characters - may be down, but is never out.