Toy Fair 2012: Square Enix Returns to the Asylum with Batman and Harley Figures

Toy Fair 2012: Square Enix Visits Arkham

Being huge fans of Square Enix' Play Arts Kai figures, the company's booth at Toy Fair 2012 was one of our most anticipated stops. While we are anticipating having the upcoming Batman and Joker from their 'Batman: Arkham City' line in our collections very soon, we are already anticipating even more figures after seeing the Armored Batman and Harley Quinn on display! Square Enix is producing figures that , while more expensive than some, are works of highly-articulated art. Don't believe us? Just check out the upcoming photos!

Read on for a case file's worth of photos from the Batman: Arkham Asylum display!

Armored Batman

While following the design work of the game, like Square Enix' other figures, Batman takes some cues from traditional Japanese design as well-- in the best way possible.

The figure will come with a batarang, a gripping right hand with trigger finger extended, and Bat's trusty grapple gun.

Harley Quinn

Harley comes equipped with a cane and Scarface.

We know where your eyes were instantly pulled to, and that's fine. While gazing, you'll notice the detailed Security badge that Harley snagged from Warden Sharpe.

That'd be Scarface all gussied up in his Joker paint. Even he appears to have decent articulation!

Both of these incredible figures are slated for release this summer and will retail for around $60.00 each. For more on all of Square Enix Play Arts Kai action figure lines, be sure to check out their official website!

Stay tuned to MTV Geek! for continuing coverage of Square Enix and Toy Fair 2012!

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