Uncanny X-Force Faces Its "Final Execution"

By Danica Davidson

For the next arc in “Uncanny X-Force,” Marvel will be releasing “Final Execution,” which it promises to be a mega arc and comparable to “Dark Angel.”

“Rick [Remender] and I and editor Nick Lowe have been working on it for months,” said artist Mike McKone.

Remender, the writer for the arc, said he wanted to make it accessible to new readers, but it would still have a lot to do with past issues. “This is the story that deals with the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants,” he said. “They are the baddest . . . bad . . . I’m trying not to cuss.”

So apparently they’re so bad they’re hard to describe without using words that may not be printable!

He promises new characters for the Omega Clan that were created from the remains of Omega Red. He also talked about the artwork McKone did, saying McKone is very talented and joking that “I went pretty crazy on double page spreads” so that the artist could bleed to make it happen.

When asked about this arc, Remender talked about the re-forming of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants as being an important element, saying that the bad guys have a big plan. “Some of the choices the cast made in early issues will have consequences,” he added.

He said that this will be Wolverine’s arc and mentioned how there is sometimes a worry that characters like him can become stagnate. Well, Remender assures us, he’s not about to let that happen. Betsy will also have some serious changes in this arc. “Betsy and Wolverine come out of this entirely different,” he said. “They will never be the same.”

“Rick really puts the characters through the wringer,” said editor Nick Lowe, adding that he can’t wait to read readers’ reactions to this arc...he thinks the internet is going to explode.

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