Toy Fair 2012: Tonner's Marvel and DC Superheroines, Female Beetlejuice, and the Ultimate Avatar Collectible!

Is this awesome doll the ultimate Avatar collectible? (prototype pending licensor approval)

How did Tonner get licenses to make dolls for both DC and Marvel comics, Twilight, Harry Potter, Avatar, Beetlejuice, Tron, Lord of the Rings, The Corpse Bride, Pirates of the Carribean, and Vampire Diaries? With both Tim Burton and J.K. Rowling as fans, the answer is quality!

Tonner was kind enough to walk me through their booth at Toy Fair, where I got a sneak peek at a number of exciting products for 2012.

These over-sized dolls are the ultimate Avatar collector's item! Made out of resin & hand-painted, each one will probably retail anywhere from $600-900 and might be available in the Fall (prototypes pending licensor approval).

Tonner has produced a number of dolls based on DC Comics characters, but this stunning Batgirl is one of the first at the larger 14-inch size. She'll be out in June, and has a removable mask! These superheroine dolls are some of Tonner's biggest sellers, and have developed quite a fanbase.

Marvel's Black Cat will be available in May/June:

The Corpse Bride and a rather unique-looking Beetlejuice joins The Mad Hatter in Tonner's Tim Burton Collection (both available now):

These Tron: Legacy dolls (prototypes pending licensor approval) will be available around August:

And the new Pirates of the Caribbean dolls feature a reissue of the Captain Jack Sparrow doll with a leaner, more angular face sculpt (the better to track Johnny Depp's age as he makes each film):

There are plenty more cool movie, TV, and comic book-related collectibles at the Tonner website!

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