Toy Fair 2012: New Clue Game is About Committing the Crime, Not Solving It

A packaging mock-up for the upcoming Clue Elimination shown at Toy Fair 2012

Of all the games I was expecting to see from Hasbro at this year's Toy Fair, a dart shooting version of Clue was not among them. Color me surprised, but also color me impressed. Clue Elimination draws more inspiration from the free-form live-action game of Assassin than it does from traditional Clue, but Clue Elimination also looks quite fun.

Here's the premise: up to four players receive pocket-sized Nerf blasters, a few darts, and an assignment from the deck of mission cards. The assignments consist of a common household location such as the kitchen or the hall, as well as the name of an opposing player, which will be your target. Your objective is to simply find a way to lure them into that location and shoot them with a dart. If you can do that, take on your target's ID card and mission, then continue eliminating other players.

The blasters themselves are actually pretty cool-looking variants on the Nerf Jolt EX-1, and a different variant is included for each player. Missions in Clue Elimination are carried out in service of the original Clue families: the House of Mustard, House of Scarlet, House of Green, and House of Peacock, with all of them having unique family crests molded into the plastic stock of their custom Nerf blasters.

If you're curious how such an unexpected concept wound up hitting store shelves as a Clue game, know that this seems to be part of a larger trend of Hasbro brand consolidation. All word-related games, such as Boggle and Catchphrase, now fit under the Scrabble umbrella and have been re-branded as such. Likewise, several popular children's games such as Hungry Hungry Hippos and Gator Golf fall under the Elefun brand. With that in mind, it seems as though anything having to do with murder will be a Clue product.