American Vampire, Venom, and Witchblade Meets Red Sonja: New Comics For February 22nd

This week, new comics include vampires, demons, and two women stretching the limits of the Bechdel test, so let’s get into it:

First up, over at DC/Vertigo, there’s a new issue of the always excellent AMERICAN VAMPIRE #24, which is in the middle of one of its strongest arcs yet. The biggest “problem” with the book has been the lack of competent enemy for uber-bad vamp Skinner Sweet. We’ve finally gotten one, in the ‘50s no less, and we can’t wait to see how it all plays out.

Not into vampires? Don’t worry, ALL STAR WESTERN #6 continues to build the legend of the Court of Owls; AQUAMAN #6 builds the legend of Atlantis; and we’re not sure FLASH #6 builds any legends, but it sure does have some of the prettiest art in all of comics. So that’s nice.

Marvel has plenty of great single issues out this week, but the title we’re most interested in is the SPIDER-MAN FIGHTS SUBSTANCE ABUSE trade, which collects some of the PSA friendly comics of yesteryear in one volume. There’s some trades you get for quality, some as a look back in history... This one is a fascinating collection of trivia, and I can’t wait to look back through the volumes I knew so well as a kid.

But don’t worry, you guys! There’s also plenty of lessons - like “don’t get pregnant with the Brood” - in the superb WOLVERINE AND X-MEN #6. If you’re looking for a little more teen, and less teen pregnancy, then there’s always ULTIMATE COMICS SPIDER-MAN #7 or AVENGERS ACADEMY #26 - both excellently reliable reads. And VENOM #13.3 continues the super fun team-up starring Red Hulk, Venom, X-23, and Ghost Rider versus Hell.

Meanwhile, BULLETPROOF COFFIN: DISINTERRED #2 hits stands from Image, and in case you were convinced by us telling you last issue was a crazy delight... Well, this issue is also a crazy delight. There are also new issues of RASL #13, Jeff Smith’s ode to Tesla; and THE SIXTH GUN #19, a perfect blend of horror and action in the old west.

But one of the bigger draws this week will probably be RED SONJA/WITCHBLADE #1, which teams up the ancient warrior with the only heroine who wears less clothes than she does. Don’t worry, though: they’re fighting a snake monster, so lucky, there’s no subtext going on.

And that’s it! Let us know what’s on your pull list, and we’ll see you next week.

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