Toy Fair 2012: The Toypocalypse is Upon Us! Part 2

Toy Fair 2012: Cornboy Talks Mattel's DC Universe Figure Lines

Welcome back to our coverage of Toypocalypse 2: Futuretro! while the first part concentrated on the party itself and the amazing Outer Space Men customs, this round we're concentrating a little more on the darker side of things-- the Gothitropolis side of things, to be exact! In 2011, Scarabus (the first figure from the line) made his presence felt in our annual Top Ten Toys list, and the two new figures unveiled during the Toypocalypse show at TT Undergound will be hot on his heels hooves! While Toy Fair 2012 allowed us to see many, many great new action figures at the Javits Center, this gallery show blew us away. Long live the independents!

Read on for a photo-filled look at some incredible toy sculpts and upcoming releases from Gothitropolis!


The Raven is the latest fan-voted figure for the Gothitropolis line. The sculpt for this thing is so intricate and yet still manages to have useful articulation! Raven will be the third release in the lineup (Scarabus and the Vampire Queen take first and second, respectively).

The pale coloring of this variant allow you to better see the detailing used for the Raven figure.

This Cardinal stole the show thanks to his bright coloring and cage display. we can't wait to see what other variants are in store!

Vampire Queen

The Vampire Queen will be the next figure released through the Gothitropolis line and looks to be ready to give Scarabus his 100th problem if that massive scythe and energy weapon are any indication!

Strangely enough, that white Raven on her shoulder looks awfully familiar...

That weapon signals Gothitropolis as mixing magic and technology in the same way the Horsemen-designed Masters of the Universe Classics does.

Like most of the variants, this cat version matches the Egyptian-styling of Scarabus.

Can a cow be sexy? Apparently so. SHOULD a cow be sexy? Let the debates begin!

For more info on these amazing toys, and all the other projects Four Horsemen Toy Design has up their collective sleeves, be sure to check out their official website!

Stay tuned to MTV Geek for continuing coverage from the Four Horsemen and Toy Fair 2012!

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