Toy Fair 2012: My Interview with Underground Toys and Their Star Wars Plushies!!

So some of you may remember my interview at last year's NY Toy Fair with the fabulous Robyn from Underground Toys. She gave us the scoop on all their fabulous Star Wars plush toys and we got the special preview of their 24" plush Chewie, which was a HUGE HIT in my office this past year.  It literally brought tears of joy to many an MTV employee!! This year Underground Toys has even more cool stuff to show us, including these ball plush toys AND keychain size toys like Jawa! I squeezed the Jawa and it immediately screamed UTINNI at me!! I think that's my favorite Star Wars soundboard bite ever.

Robyn was a princess and took time out of her busy Toy Fair schedule to spend time with MTV Geek show us the new and exciting things UNDERGROUND TOYS is working on this year! They now are introducing a 24" Plush Vader!!! Although Chewie will always be my fave, Vader was looking pretty hot, especially since now he's made out of vinyl. Oh my....

Check out my interview with Robyn here:

She was adorable and already dressed for Valentine's day with her date Plush Darth Maul!! How does she have time to do it all??? Most of these items will be available in 2013 and as soon as I hear anything I'll let you all know! The ball plush ones you can even toss around, especially at co-workers passing by...

One thing else I learned from this interview? Time to get my glasses adjusted..

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