Crocheted Viking Helmet With Beard Looks Great, Won't Save Your Skull

It may have been a somewhat mild winter so far, but that doesn't mean we don't need a good hat to keep our ears warm. Sadly, the same old beanie just doesn't cut it for me anymore. Instead, I find myself deeply considering a more fantastical approach to winter warmth. More specifically, I was thinking I'd give this whole crocheted Viking helmet/beard thing a shot.

These awesome crochet creations come from Dortha Gibbs, who runs LegendaryCrafts on Etsy. Each helmet and beard combo is made to order so you can get one that looks like everyone's favorite dwarf Gimli, or come up with your own Viking look put LegendaryCrafts to the test. The possibilities are seemingly endless and there's even a pretty hardcore Skyrim-inspired helm they've put together (seen below).

What's great is that the beard and helmet are actually two separate parts held together by buttons. This way you can just rock the helmet if you're not in the mood for facial hair.

Obviously, a project so time consuming is going to demand a much higher price than the mass produced beanies we can pick up anywhere, but the apparent quality of the work speaks for itself. There are a wide array of Viking and dwarf styles to choose from, but you'll be spending anywhere between $75 and $125 depending on how elaborate you want your get-up to be.

Head over to the LegendaryCrafts on Etsy for all the details!

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