Toy Fair 2012: Marvel at the Latest Releases From Diamond Select

We've been singing the praises of Diamond Select Toys' Marvel Select line for a while now. It seems with each new release, their take on Marvel Comics' most influential characters just keep getting better and better in sculpting, paint, and articulation. This year, the Marvel Select line also shares some it's releases with not one, but two upcoming movies: "The Avengers" and "The Amazing Spider-Man"! During Toy Fair 2012, we got a good look at the upcoming figures and were blown away by what we saw-- and now it's your turn!

Read on for looks at each of the Marvel Select offerings, starting with a couple of toys based on "The Avengers".

"The Avengers"

Hawkeye is played by Jeremy Renner in the upcoming film, and there's no questioning that with this sculpt! The figure not only looks amazing, but also features some of the best articulation in the line so far.

Regardless of this being a movie-version of the Hulk, he will become the default Hulk in our collection once we get our hands on him! Also, look at those hip joints. DST, please do more of that!

"The Amazing Spider-Man"

We first saw this figure at NYCC, and it still looks just as good as it did then.

Here's a size comparison shot for the Spider-Man and Lizard figures.

Comic-Based Figures

Everybody's favorite teleporting-elf is back with this latest figure! While he's not quite as overly articulated as our Marvel Legends version, we are really digging that base!

Like Nightcrawler, Storm comes in her classic costume. She also features a Danger Room base that matches up with DST's previous X-Men releases.

As you can see, Ultron's base features a defeated Ant-Man and Wasp laying amongst the debris and broken Hawkeye arrows.

Check out the videos below for more:

Toy Fair 2012: Diamond Select's Marvel Select Toys

Toy Fair 2012: Diamond Select's Amazing Spider-Man Toys

For more on Marvel Select, or any of their other terrific toy lines, be sure to check out Diamond Select Toys' official website!

Stay tuned to MTV Geek! for all your Diamond Select Toys coverage from Toy Fair 2012!

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