Toy Fair 2012: Cryptozoic Reveals Several New Board & Card Game Licenses

These games have put Cryptozoic on the map, but are just the tip of the iceberg compared to what the publisher has in store for the remainder of 2012.

One hobby gaming company making their Toy Fair debut this year was Cryptozoic Entertainment, and if first impressions don't lie, the Cryptozoic booth will be a fixture for years to come. The publisher made a splash in 2011 with games based on World of WarcraftThe Walking Dead, Penny Arcade, and even some of their own original creations, but Toy Fair gave us a look into the company's future.

Most of those previously mentioned licenses will continue on this year, but several more will be joining the pack. These include The Big Bang Theory, DC Comics, The Hobbit movie series, and Castle. This is all in addition to the just-released Locke & Key card game and other future releases we have already previewed, giving Cryptozoic quite the 2012 release slate

While none of the details or release dates on these games have been finalized, it looks as though the first title we'll see from this new slate of licenses will be the Big Bang Theory Party Game. Using the standard rotating-judge party game formula, this game will come with 271 cards filled with humor aimed right at fans of the hit television show. Cryptozoic is also planning a series of trading cards based around the series.

Next up is the DC Comics Deck-building Game, expected to release sometime this summer. The game will allow players to each take on the role of a DC superhero, gain powers and equipment, and defend themselves against attacking supervillains. Details are still sparse since the game is a work in progress, but the marketing sheet touts "hidden paths to victory" and full compatibility with "other Cerberus game engine releases."

I'm not familiar with the Cerberus game engine, so this could very well be the start of an interlocking series of games. One thing is for sure, though, Cryptozoic does not lack for ties with DC to pull of a successful partnership. John Nee, formerly DC's senior vice president of business development, is one of the founders of Cryptozoic and current company CEO.

Moving later into 2012, Cryptozoic will serve up geek icon and all-around ladykiller Nathan Fillion with the Castle: Murder Mystery Board Game, currently shaping up to be a 1-6 player deduction game. Much like with their other television properties, Cryptozoic will also be turning the first two seasons of Castle into a trading card set.

The biggest of all licenses, though, is that of the upcoming Hobbit movie series. Looking at Cryptozoic's plans, they're not planning to let this one go to waste, either. Currently in development are three separate deck-building games (one based on Lord of the Rings and one on each Hobbit movie), a Hobbit-themed trading card game, and board games based on each of the Hobbit movies, stretching the schedule of planned releases into late 2013.

The only question now is which one do you want to play the most? The unfortunate answer is that you won't be able to play any of them for several months! We did, however, spend some time at the Cryptozoic booth looking at some of the company's more recent releases, so check out the video below for the full picture on what the company has been up to.