Toy Fair 2012: The Four Horsemen Usher in the Toypocalypse... Again! Part 1

Before Toy Fair 2012 officially began, the Four Horsemen and Toy Tokyo started things in style with the second annual Toypocalypse show at TT Underground Gallery in New York City. The show titled "Futuretro" kicked off with an exclusive set of "Cosmic Creators" Outer Space Men with a special color-scheme by original O.S.M.-creator Mel Birnkrant, a print from Horsemen-collaborator Nathan Baertsch, and signatures from the Horsemen themselves along with Mr. Birnkrant! While we attended and had a helluva time, we also managed to snap a ton of photos so those of you that weren't able to attend could feel like you did-- minus the open bar.

Read on for photos of all the unabashed awesomeness!

One of the biggest draws to the show were the custom Outer Space Men by some very skilled toy craftspeople. Here are a few of the highlights:

OSM: Rainbow Remix by Chris Karukus

MIndless-Focus' Astrothulhu

Nicole Faulk's Frog in Space

A few of the many designs by Scott Wilkowski

He-Man, the Man from Eternia by Horsemen collaborator Djordje Djokovic

As the night went on, more and more fans and friends of the Four Horsemen stopped by to show their support and love for the cool toys the guys have brought to our shelves over the years.

Val Staples (MTV Comics Divination, and "Pixel" Dan Eardley (Lots of stuff here) ham it up in front of a display for the Horsemen-designed Masters of the Universe figures.

Diamond Select Toys' Marketing Supervisor Zach Oat and DSTs' Director Chuck Terceira both like what they see.

As we close this first photo-laden round up, let's bring on the guests of honor!

Jim Preziosi and his bosses

Eric Treadaway: Toy Sculpting Genius and Beard Aficionado

Frequent MTV Geek Interviewee Eric "Cornboy" Mayse

The incomparable Chris Dahlberg (on the right)

That's badass, right?! Join us for Part 2 of this story for a closer look at all the upcoming toys shown during the Toypocalpse 2: Futuretro!

For more on the Outer Space Men, Gothitropolis, or any of Four Horsemen Toy Design's action figure lines, be sure to check out their official website!

Stay tuned to MTV Geek! for all your Four Horsemen and Toy Fair 2012 coverage!

In the video below, Cornboy from The Four Horsemen talks all things He-Man:

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