EXCLUSIVE Star Wars: The Clone Wars Reveal, Who's Voicing Darth Maul??

As if I'm not excited enough about this three day weekend (a BIG thank you presidents!), MTV Geek was lucky enough to score for all you Clone Wars fans this exclusive clip showing "Being Human" hottie Sam Witwer as the voice of Darth Maul!! Sam's no stranger to the Clone Wars series as he previously played the voice of The Son in The Mortis Trilogy. He also has played the role in LucasArts The Force Unleashed and TFU2! Sam has made it clear to all his that he is a HUGE Star Wars fan! #SAWEET. Oh and he's the lead singer in his band The Crashtones. Oh and he was also in that other little sci-fi series I love, Battlestar Galactica. All in all Mister Sam Witwer = perfection.

I did a Q+A with Sam earlier this year and can that guy possibly get any dreamier?? He is so sweet and his perfect body could kill an army of clones, NO JOKE.

Check out this EXCLUSIVE clip of Sam Witwer talking about taking on this mighty role of Darth Maul only here at MTV GEEK:

Exclusive Star Wars: The Clone Wars BTS Darth Maul Reveal

How awesome is that??? Cannot wait to see Darth Maul in Clone Wars! Don't forget to tune in to Cartoon Network on Friday March 9th to watch the premiere of Darth Maul!! Look out Jedis! The Force is just about to get even darker yet!!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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