Exclusive: Get Your 'The Walking Dead' Watch and Countdown Until the End!

After the collapse of society, one of the first things to go will surely be knowing what time it is. We've become so reliant on our phone's clock that we'd be plunged into instant time-ignorance once the battery went dead. So what's a future zombie apocalypse survivor to do? Why, buy a watch of course! Luckily, Skybound and Vannen have teamed up to bring forth a wrist watch influenced by Image Comics' The Walking Dead! Yes, now you too can know what time it is when huddled in the corner of a remote cabin in the woods, playing with your Walking Dead action figures as a swarm of the undead do their damndest to get inside and eat your face!


Robert Kirkman, the creator/writer of The Walking Dead and Charlie Adlard, the artist for Skybound's Eisner award-winning The Walking Dead comic book series, have partnered with Vannen to create a limited edition wrist watch.  A  teaser image of Robert Kirkman signing the packaging started making the rounds last week, MTV has the first clear image of the packaging for these excellent watches.  A full reveal of the packaging and the watch itself is expected hit February 23rd, so keep checking back.

Available for sale on Thursday, February 24 and limited to only 250 pieces worldwide, The Walking Dead watch will retail for $85 USD and feature packaging  signed and numbered by creator/writer Robert Kirkman and artist Charlie Adlard. The Walking Dead watch will only be available through VannenWatches.com and Skybound.com, with a small portion of watches available exclusively at the Skybound booth at Image Comic Expo in Oakland, CA from Feb 24th through 26th.  More images of The Walking Dead watch will be unveiled next week along with a few more surprises from Vannen Watches and Skybound. Stay tuned for more info.

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