Robotic LEGO Arm Will Pour You A Drink (video)

We've seen people build some pretty amazing stuff with LEGO, including detailed scenes from Mad Max and the locations of Middle Earth in their entirety. However, this robotic LEGO arm created by Max Shepherd, and built primarily with Technic pieces, takes the custom LEGO build in a completely different direction.

The arm isn't as fast as a standard human arm, but its surprisingly life-like range of motion makes it an impressive build, even by non-Lego standards. It can grip objects of different sizes and shapes and even has the precision to pour water from a cup. Unfortunately, being made of LEGO does have its disadvantages, most notably in terms of strength. While picking up an empty water bottle or a roll of masking tape is no problem for the pneumatic device, anything over a couple pounds would likely have the arm collapsing.

Sheppard uploaded a video of the arm that demonstrates its range of motion and shows it lifting various objects, along with pouring some water in a bowl. If you want to see this awesome creation in action you can watch the video below.

Sadly, there's no word on whether or not this arm will be getting a matching counterpart, but it would be very cool to see a pair of these things working together. Nice work, Max!

[Engadget via Tinkerology]