Toy Fair 2012: The Snake Men Infiltrate Mattel's Masters of the Universe Display

Every year, there are a few things on our radar that build our anticipation for Toy Fair. One of those things is always the new Masters of the Universe Classics reveals during Mattel's Collector Press event! While this year might have not caused our jaws to drop to the floor, the coolness of new figures can't be denied. A lot of these figures have been previously shown during the many, many conventions of 2011, but there were a few all-new showings during Toy Fair 2012 including the 30th Anniversary creation of DC Comic's Geoff Johns: Sir Laserlot! Yes, you read that correctly.

Read on for photos of all the figures at the display along with their currently projected release dates straight from the Matty Collector website!

Temple of Darkness Sorceress®: Available at NYCC, Power Con and on in late 2012

Fisto™: Available 2/15 only at

Shadow Weaver™: Available 2/15 only to subscribers of 2012 Club Eternia®

Kobra Kahn™: Available 3/15 at

Thunder Punch™ He-Man®: Available 4/16 at, includes Issue 1 of the all-new 30th Anniversary mini-comic!

Stinkor®: Available 5/15 at

Slush Head™: Available 5/15 at

Griffin: Available 6/15 at (note revised avail date)

Horde Prime: Available 6/15 at

Snake Man-at-Arms®: Available 6/15 at, includes Issue 2 of the all-new 30th Anniversary mini-comic!

Spikor™: Available 7/16 at

Snake Men™ 2-Pack: Available 7/16 at

Frosta™: Available 9/15 at (NOTE: Frosta is running late so there will be no August 2012 Club Eternia® “basic” figure. Instead, much like February, there will be two figures in September. The second September figure will be revealed at a later date.

Sir Laserlot

Here's Cornboy of the Four Horsemen talking all things MOTUC:

Toy Fair 2012: Mattel's Masters of the Universe Toys

Stay tuned to MTV Geek! for all your Mattel coverage from Toy Fair 2012!

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