Toy Fair 2012: Square Enix Debuts Mass Effect 3 Play Arts Kai Figures

Square Enix' booth during Toy Fair 2012 was sparse, but featured some of the coolest action figures around. Their Play Arts Kai lineup has become deeper with each new license and their display proved that point with new figures from God of War, Uncharted, and even debuted prototypes of new figures from Mass Effect 3! That's right, Shepard is there in all his heroic glory-- although a little gray. These are just the prototypes, so only some gray has been added to better bring out the detailing of the sculpts, but are all also still pending licensor approval. Luckily, thanks to Square Enix' incredible sculpting, they probably won't have much trouble getting these pushed through.

Read on for a closer look at the Mass effect Play Arts Kai figures!

Shepard (Male)



None of these figures have current price points or release dates, so for now this is all you're gonna get. For more on this line, and all of Square Enix' other Play Arts figures, be sure to check out their official website!

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