Toy Fair 2012: Mattel Gets "Brave" With Dolls Based On The Disney Pixar Movie!

With her bow and arrows, Merida is no ordinary Disney Princess. Mattel's new line based on the highly-anticipated animated movie Brave combines just the right mix of action and fashion doll "musts" - cool outfits and awesome hair! Mattel is no stranger to adapting Pixar favorites as toys, having produced some great dolls in the past for Toy Story. Here's a sneak peek at their Brave offerings, from this year's Toy Fair.

Their Brave series is anchored by two "core" Merida dolls, one in her regal gown and crown, and other in more of a fighting mode with her bow:

Another set includes her horse Angus, which she can ride:

And a two-pack with Queen Elinor:

There will also be a castle playset featuring a smaller version of Merida:

Don't mess with Merida!:

Brave hits theaters this Summer; Mattel's new dolls based on the film start rolling out to stores in the Fall!

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