DC Nation Making Its Premiere In March On Cartoon Network

The long-promoted DC Nation hour of animated and live-action programming from Cartoon Network is on its way in a couple of weeks—Saturday, March 3rd, to be exact. Does "Saturday morning cartoons" still mean the same thing if they're on a network mostly dedicated to cartoons? My hangups with semantics aside, the hour-long block will be making its debut in a couple of weeks along with premieres of both Green Lantern: The Animated Series and the new season of Young Justice.

You can find out more about DC Nation after the jump.

Along with the two series, the block will also include shorts featuring other, possibly under-exposed DC characters in shorts across different media (traditional animation, stop-motion, etc.). Creators like Wallace and Grommit home Aardman Studios along with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic writer Laurent Faust have been tapped to create shorts focusing on Wonder Woman, Plastic Man, the Doom Patrol, and the Teen Titans.

One thing I'd like to see going forward: when GL and YJ are in reruns, maybe we could get repeats of other DC Animated series like the many incarnations of Batman, Justice League/JLU, and maybe even stretching back all the way to Superfriends-era content. Really, just go nuts with showing the long animated history of DC stuff.

You can see clips of Green Lantern: The Animated Series below:

DC Nation will debut on Saturday, March 3rd at 10 A.M..

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