DC's New 52 Art Shuffle

DC’s The Source blog has been alight today with artistic change announcements on several of its titles, including the return of a 90s fan-favorite to the book that helped define his career.

First in the game of artistic musical chairs is Jesus Saiz, who will leave BIRDS OF PREY to take over the indestructible Mitch Shelley’s story in the pages of RESURRECTION MAN. Saiz’ first issue of the title will be May’s #9, which will pit the hero against the Suicide Squad.

“I’m going to miss BIRDS OF PREY immensely, although it’s also true that I was dying to work on the Dark line of books,” Saiz told The Source. “There’s some very interesting stuff happening in these books, and I’ve always considered horror / creating dark settings are some of my stronger areas as an artist, and I really haven’t had many chances to flex those muscles working in this genre during my career.”

Fans of current RESURRECTION MAN artist Ferndando Dagnino won’t have to say goodbye to his rendering of Mitch Shelley quite yet – the artist will illustrate the SUICIDE SQUAD portion of the crossover and stay with that title after the story’s completion.

“Call me insensitive but I must admit I’ve really enjoyed killing Mitch twice or thrice per issue,” Dagnino said in conversation with The Source. “Nevertheless, it all falls into place knowing that he will be in Jesus’ hands now. This run on RESURRECTION MAN has REALLY been loads of fun but now I must confess I am even more excited to take over the responsibility of dealing with such a thrilling cast of characters as the SUICIDE SQUAD. Harley…I’m coming!”

BIRDS OF PREY’s artistic vacancy will be filled by Travel Foreman, fresh off of his cult-hit run on ANIMAL MAN with writer Jeff Lemire. Foreman will join the title with issue #9 right in time for this summer’s expansive “Night of the Owls” Bat-family crossover.

Editor Bobbie Chase praised Foreman to The Source, promising big things from the artist as he shifts gears. “We’re really challenging him to go against his animal instincts in his first issue; from the woods to the city streets, from a single super character (OK, with family) to a team book, from one small corner of the DC universe right into the big Bat landscape. It’s going to be exciting!”

Foreman’s critically acclaimed run on ANIMAL MAN will be followed by illustrator Steve Pugh, who spent a considerable time on the title in the 90s with writer Jamie Delano. Pugh will share creative duties with Foreman on issues #7 and #8 before taking full artistic reigns with May’s issue #9.

“For me, it’s awesome to be returning to a book that was such a milestone in my creative life and with Jeff, a killer writer who’s been punching ANIMAL MAN through the ceiling!” Pugh told The Source. “Yeah, I was buying the book already but now I don’t have to wait so long to find out what happens next!”

These creative shake-ups follow a series of other changes, including Rob Liefeld’s new lineup and a similar round of swaps on STORMWATCH, JUSTICE LEAGUE DARK, and FRANKENSTEIN: AGENT OF S.H.A.D.E.

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