Grab Your Dice, True Believers, Marvel Heroic Roleplaying Lands on Feb. 28th!

After nearly a decade of waiting, Marvel RPG fans can finally get back in the game. RPG publisher Margaret Weis Productions has taken over the dormant superhero license, and will be releasing the first volume of Marvel Heroic Roleplaying later this month.

As a brand new effort that breaks away from previous efforts such as TSR's classic Marvel Superheroes RPG and Marvel's own Marvel Universe Roleplaying Game, this system from MWP will use a version of the Cortex Plus rules set made famous in the Leverage and Smallville RPGs.

If you're not a tabletop RPG fan, Marvel Heroic Roleplaying will still be worth a look, even if only to read the in-depth source material that an RPG campaign provides. If you need a kick-start to your imagination, just think of that game as your own home-made issues of "What If...?"

The base game uses Brian Michael Bendis's Breakout story-arc from New Avengers as its setting, but Margaret Weis Productions is already planning a series of event-based content to support the game. The series will begin with the following three Event Books: Civil War in March 2012, Annihilation in June 2012, and Age of Apocalypse in September 2012.

If you can't wait until February 28th to get your hands on the basic game Operations Manual, keep a close eye on the Margaret Weis Productions website. The publisher has already teased Captain America's stats, a look at the Savage Land, and a 4-page chunk of the Operations Manual that describes how dice are used in the game. As we get closer to release, expect these previews to ramp up, and launch party events to be announced at your local hobby stores.

Come release day, the basic game rules will be sold for $19.99 in softcover volumes. The same pricing model will apply for future event supplements, but premium editions will also be available. These will come in the form of $29.99 casebound Essential Editions that include content for a full campaign, as well as $39.99 hardcover Premium Editions that also include the content of the basic game Operations Manual, making each event book release a possible entry point for new players.