'Justice League: Doom' Is A Reunion of DC Animated Voice Actors

Check out the cast lineup for the upcoming DTDVD feature Justice League: Doom: you've got Tim Daly as Superman, Michael Rosenbaum as the Flash, Susan Eisenberg as Wonder Woman, Carl Lumbly as Martian Manhunter, Nathan Fillion as Green Lantern, and of course, Kevin Conroy as Batman (plus Bumper Robinson joining the cast as Cyborg). If you watched the Justice League animated series and its followup, Justice League: Unlimited, it'd look like a reunion of the voice actors who've made their marks as the modern animated incarnations of all of these characters. And that's effectively what it is.

After the jump, see how the Justice League has swapped out voice actors over the years, and how Justice League: Doom will end up sounding like nice burst of nostalgia from the beginning of the last decade.

For the most part, everyone is pretty much back in the role they originated in the 2001 series, with only a couple of minor swaps: first up, Tim Daly actually played Superman in the late 90's animated series before George Newbern (who played the role in several animated incarnations, most recently in DC Showcase: Superman/Shazam) took over the voice chores. Daly reprised the role several times over he last few years in DC's direct-to-DVD movies like Superman/Batman: Apocalypse and even the 2002 PS2 game, Shadow of Apokalips.

Fillion was part of the Justice League cast as well, but only on Unlimited and not as Green Lantern, but instead as the gunslinging, old-school version of Vigilante. During that period, John Stewart was the resident GL, voiced by Futurama's Phil LaMarr. Anyway, later, Fillion would lend his vocal talents to the role of Steve Trevor in the Wonder Woman animated movie before his first actual gig as Hal Jordan in last year's Green Lantern: Emerald Knight.

Susan Eisenberg has been one of the more consistent presences in the post JL movies as Wonder Woman, with Lucy Lawless playing the role in The New Frontier and Keri Russell voicing the character in her solo, self-titled movie.

By contrast, Carl Lumbly and Michael Rosenbaum haven't been back to their respective roles of the Martian Manhunter and the Flash since the series ended. Rosenbaum spent the last decade occupied with a certain little show about Clark Kent not being Superman that some of you may have seen, while Lumbly has taken on a number of character roles as well as the lead of the very short-lived Black Panther animated series that was originally supposed to anchor a block of animation on BET.*

And here's the biggie: Kevin Conroy, possibly the actor most associated with his role for many viewers. After his run on Batman: The Animated Series he joined the other actors on Justice League for the entirety of its run, playing Bruce Wayne in Batman Beyond, Static Shock, the DTDVD Mystery of the Batwoman, and perhaps notably in his recent past, in the two Arkham games. He's been playing the character in some shape or form for the last 20 years. That's not to say it's been a full-time gig for him: other animated Batmen have been Jeremy Sisto in The New Frontier, Bruce Greenwood in Young Justice, and Diedrich Bader in The Brave and the Bold. Batman has the distinction of having the same voice actor for the longest time while also having the most actors take on the role.

So it's kind of like the old band is (mostly) getting back together again. While the animation style is a bit different from the look of JL and JLU, with all of these actors taking up their roles again, it's going to sound like the Justice League many of you out there grew up with.

*Interesting fact: Lumbly's first foray as a superhero was in FOX's mid-90's live-action series, M.A.N.T.I.S., which was sort of like The Green Hornet but with a fitted exoskeleton. More importantly, he was John Parker in The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai. Much more importantly.

Justice League: Doom hits DVD and Blu-ray on February 28th. Check out a new clip from the movie below:

Justice League: Doom 'Superman Battles Ace' Clip

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